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About Us

The Centre for Supporting Non-governmental Initiatives in Opole Region (OCWIP) is a regional centre of the nation wide network for encouraging the non–governmental organizations “SPLOT”.

It has been created corresponding to the need for bigger engagement of Opole Voivodeship local communities  in solving problems that may concern them.
We are an organization which aim is to develop building the civil society in Poland. Its integral part are social initiatives and non–governmental organizations (NGO). We provide support through development, promotion and activation of NGO sector.

Building civil society in Poland is a long-range task. It demands a lot of work and means and the role of the non-governmental organizations is invaluable. Building up the strength of NGOs’ in the Opole area is the key to further development of our region, as well in the social and economic aspect.
Our organization supports and motivates development of the NGO sector, activates the informal groups, discovers the local leaders, increases organizations’ potential through different trainings, counseling, partnership. We want non-government organizations in our region to become a common civil initiative, that would be a rightful partner for the public administration taking common actions for our region’s sake and also being involved in the European integration.

OCWIP’s mission is support and development of the NGO Sector.

Our aims:

  • Increasing the ability of managing the NGO’s, hence enabling the long term functioning of the organization,
  • Revealing and increasing the competences of organization’s leaders as well as people involved in social life,
  • Promoting social and cultural initiatives,
  • Development of the cooperation between state institutions, local government institutions and the non-governmental organizations,
  • Spreading the knowledge of the NGO’s,

We achieve our goals through:

  • Counseling and consultations – we provide with consulting services, free of charge, in the areas of: organization management, project writing, solving problems occurring in the everyday organization’s functioning, establishing of the international cooperation,
  • Providing the information – gathering, updating and spreading information on establishment and development of a NGO, sources of financing, the legislation of the NGO Sector, available European funds and more. We provide such information using modern technologies – computer and the Internet. To provide the best information we are cooperating with the specialist regional and national organizations, moreover every two weeks we issue a newsletter containing all current information concerning the NGO Sector,
  • Trainings – we provide trainings about project writing, team building, creative team working, PR, cooperation with the public administration, European integration, current legislation, communication, making speeches, voluntary working,
  • Initiating of the cooperation with the public administration – by supporting the process of creating the local law statements regulating the rules of cooperation of the public administration units with NGOs and civil initiatives,
  • Integration of the NGO Sector,
  • Running a library – we gather and provide various information on the NGO Sector

Our motto is: “Always mobilize, never organize”


Opolskie Centrum Wspierania Inicjatyw Pozarządowych


ul. Damrota 4/35-36
45-064 OPOLE
Phone: +48 77 441 50 25

Alicja Gawinek